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Welcome to PMD: Mysterious Days! A pokemon mystery dungeon group where members make teams and join The Guardian's Guild and fight off the increase in the dark energy of mysteriousity that is flooding the world of Systerym.

The Creed of The Guardian's Guild

“Within the light of the crystal walls,
Is where our hearts reside.
We spread the light and love,
Across the region wide.
We brave our fear,
Across plains, seas and mountains sheer.
With the power of our bodies, hearts and minds,
We protect the weak and meek,
Under the call of the crystal lady kind.”

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Founded 11 Months ago
Oct 4, 2016


Group Focus
Art Creation

41 Members
81 Watchers
5,486 Pageviews
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Mysteriousity Progression Ref by Icyangel12
[PMD: MD] Crystals of the World by katterboxes
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[PMD: MD] NPC APP - Sunny by Ken-the-Eagle
[PMD: MD] NPC APP - Constance by SassCannon
[PMD: MD] NPC APP - Brass by SassCannon
[PMD: MD] NPC APP - Gaia by Ken-the-Eagle
Daily Life
Let him Be Happy by kazzlekat
Alex's Timelines by kazzlekat
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A Bad Dream by kazzlekat

Important Links

PMD: Mysterious Days, PremiseMillennia ago in the world of Syterym , the mighty legendary Pokémon who had once been unified split into two warring factions. Their battles had catastrophic consequences, as the energy from their world-shaking moves left behind a dark energy, dubbed mysteriousity, to flood the world. In the heat of battle a small group of the legendary foes saw what their war had done to the mortal ‘mon living in the world; they put aside their differences to create havens from the mysteriousity now running rampant in the world, though they realized that the only way to truly protect the mortal ‘mon was to end the conflict. By combining their powers, they forced the rest of the warring legendaries into a deep slumber, hiding them away, to never be awoken…
Though the battles have long since faded into legend, the ramifications of the mighty Pokémons’ attacks still remain, mysteriousity still runs rampant through the world, tainting the earth and minds with the dark en
Character Creation GuideWhat pokemon can I start off with on my team(s)?
-Your team may start out with up to two Pokémon that are in their baby or basic stages! As an added note you may also start our with a single character team or a team consisting of one Pokémon and an egg if you'd wish. 
Can I use a Legendary Pokémon in my team?
-No. Legendaries are an integral part of PMD: Mysterious Days and may not be used in teams. The same holds true for Ultra Beasts.
-”Rare” Pokémon such as Spiritomb and Rotom, and even Type-Null do not count as legendary Pokémon for this group and you are free to use them as you please.
Can I have a single sex pokemon be of another sex? Such as a female Tauros or a male Illumise?
-You may not change your character's physical sex if they are born as a single sex species, though biological sex means next to nothing in Mysterious Days with gender being what we ask you to tell us on applications, and your characte
PMD: Mysterious Days- Mysteriousity InformationMysteriousity
A main theme of PMD: Mysterious Days, Mysteriousity, is best described as a “visible shadow”, or a dark energy that warps and distorts anything that comes in contact with for extended periods. The current level of mysteriousity in the world was caused by the battle of legends millennia ago, although over time the mysteriousity has spread to the corners of the world.
Anyone affected by mysteriousity for extended periods becomes afflicted with a disease referred to as Mysteriousity Poisoning. When afflicted with mysteriousity poisoning, one will notice that the coloration of whatever is affected will dull before darkening to a near black hue. Mysteriousity doesn't affect the environment in the exact same manner, it does however cause the warping and tainting of environmental factors such as weather or geography making it very dangerous to travel in places with high levels of the energy.
      The crystals produced in the caverns of Lacasta
How to JoinJust hit the join button and you're officially part of the Mysterious Days family! Then read these few journals which'll teach you everything you need to know about our fine group here!
PMD: Mysterious Days, Premise
PMD: Mysterious Days- Mysteriousity Information
Character Creation Guide
Guide to The Guardian's Guild
Next you'll need to fill out one of these applications! We have both a written and a drawn app, you only need one to participate in the group with both writing and art, but if you'l like to do both applications we won't object!

Finally all you need to do after that is participate in the group! We look fo
FAQ/RulesBasics/General Info

What’s this group about?
- PMD: Mysterious Days is loosely based around the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series of games by Nintendo. In this group, you create Pokémon teams and pieces of art/writing for the group. More about the actual premise of the group can be found in this (LINK) journal.
How do I join?
-Just hit that join button and you’re golden! To participate in the group, you’ll need to create a team by filling out one of the applications available - we have both a written and an art application.
If I use the art application for my team, can I still make written submissions and vice versa?
-Yes, your type of application doesn’t affect the type of works you can submit! You can even do both of them if you want! All we need is for you to give us the link to your main application so that we can reward you properly.
Can I get kicked from the group for inactivity?
-No, we realize that everyone has
Guide to The Guardian's GuildThe Guardian’s Guild Guide

Guild Overview

“Within the light of the crystal walls,
Is where our hearts reside. 
We spread the light and love,
Across the region wide.
We brave our fear, 
Across plains, seas and mountains sheer.
With the power of our bodies, hearts and minds,
We protect the weak and meek,
Under the call of the crystal lady kind.”
-The Guardian’s Guild Creed'
Founding during the reign of the first diancie of Lacasta City, Lady Venus, The Guardian’s Guild was created to keep the peace between those who reside between the crystal walls. Throughout the ages the guild has grown and changed just like the world around it, creating different sects of the guild, known as Divisions, that specialize in various aspects of the guild’s work. The City Guard, was the first and founding division of the guild, which was shortly followed by, The Scavenge


OCC Chatroom
RP Chatroom

Recent Journal Entries

Greetings Guildmates, thank you for waiting ever so patiently through our long hiatus, but we are ever so pleased to announce the recruitment of our two newest mods :iconcherucheripie: and :iconkazzlekat: and we are slowly working on the next set of missions for you all and thank you again for your patience with us. New content with luck will be posted within the group soon! While we wait feet free to chat in the discord server found here:

As always we hope you're all doing fine and having a wonderful day~
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Trains, no.

There are Pokemon employed who can use Fly to transport others from one place to the next (similar to airplanes, though obviously much smaller) and others like Ponyta who pull carriages and carts, but there is no machine-driven transportation in Syterym just yet!

This was a good question, thanks for asking!
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Awesome! Just wanted to get clarification before I start developing something

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Applications are always open!
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